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Welcome to Nana's Bananas
I started making dried banana snacks to give as gifts to friends and family for the holidays. Everyone loved them so much that they encouraged me to go into business. You‘ll love this healthy, natural snack. The bananas are grown on the magical island of Kauai. My grandchildren always asked for Nana’s Bananas, so that’s how Nana’s Bananas got it's name. They are a great snack to take with you when hiking, fishing, or just any ol’ time.

Bananas contain 3 natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Compared to an apple bananas have  four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around.  Banana is the #1 fruit of the world’s leading athletes.

So maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, "A banana a day keeps the doctor away!"

For even more amazing information on bananas click on the "Why Bananas" tab.

A portion or percentage of the profit from the sale of Nana’s Bananas goes toward helping the endangered plants in Hawaii.

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