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How it all started:

I started making dried banan snacks to give as gifts to friends and family for the holidays.  Everyone loved them so much that they encouraged me to go into business.  Everyone loved them so much thay they encouraged me to go into business.  You'll loved this healthy, natural snack.  The bananas are grown on the magical island of Kauai.  My grandchildren always asked for Nana's Bananas, so that's how the business got it's name.  They are great for snack to take you when hiking, fishing or just ol'time.

Nana's Bananas offers dried bananas from Kauai.  We use the apple banana variety tree ripened here on the beautiful island of Kauai.  We deliver you a natural banana that is so sweet that we don't have to add sugar, neither do we add sulfur dioxide.  A healthy snack with lots of potassium and energy that is great for on the go, take anywhere, light wieght, not messy, curbs the appetite, and tastes great.  Nana's Bananas offers a cinnamon dried banana, or dark chocolate dipped in toasted macademia nut or coconut or a combo of both which is also available in semisweet chocolate.  We work hard at bringing you the perfect ripeness so it is at it's sweetest.  I think you will Agree!  If you have never tried our dried bananas visit us at one of our farmers markets and taste a sample.  They are chewy, more like a banana leather.
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