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Nana's Bananas Products

Nana's Bananas offers nine different dried banana products:

Lemon dried bananas our original product,  Cinnamon dried bananas and Semisweet Chocolate or Hawaiian Dark Chocolate dipped dried bananas rolled in toasted Macadamia nuts or toasted Coconut or a combo of the toasted Macadamia nuts and Coconut.  We also offer dried bananas dipped in only the Dark Hawaiian Chocolate.   As you know chocolate melts in the warmer temperatures, so summer months may not be a good time to order the chocolate dipped bananas.  We make our chocolate dipped bananas after you order so they are fresh,  but chocolate has a tendancy to turn white which we can only figure it is due to the temperature change and definitely not due to the chocolate being old.  We are working on adding Hawaiian Milk Chocolate to our flavors for those milk chocolate lovers!

Each package is 5 oz (142 grams).

One 5 ounce package is $6.50 for the Lemon, Cinnamon, and semisweet Chocolate dipped.  The Dark Hawaiian Chocolate is priced at $7.00 and $7.50 if rolled in nuts or coconut.

Ordering three or more of the 5 ounce packages of  each flavor reducues the price of each bag by 50 cents.

Our prices are more on the web due to the extra time to package and ship the product.   

Click on the  shipping tab where you can go to figure out the best way for us to ship your dried Nana's Bananas, so when you check out it is easy.   We flat rate ship to help you get the best shipping price!  Call us at 808-651-0854 if you have any questions.  Just please remember we were up late drying bananas for you and in Hawaii the sun rises much later than it does on the mainland.  Also Hawaii does not observe daylight savings time.


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